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Provider Tools tip

Send us your National Provider Identifier
For Provider Tools success, make sure we have your NPI on file.

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Companies choose SmileWay Wellness Benefits

Expanded benefits help with chronic conditions
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., Chevron Corporation and others offer additional periodontal cleanings for employees diagnosed with certain conditions.

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Opt in, check your TIN, use CDT 2017 and more
Review these five important reminders and take action now.

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Registration tips

Online registration made easy
Here are a few tips to help you start simplifying today.

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Expanded PPO benefits for pregnant women

Expedite claims processing
Though not required, using ICD-10 CM diagnosis codes on claims helps ensure correct processing when enhanced benefits apply to patients with health conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes and heart disease.

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Trending now — individual dental plans

Patients’ priorities shape plans and networks
The number of people purchasing individual dental plans is increasing. To keep them coming to you, we’re researching what to include in the next generation of plans.

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Patients applaud their Delta Dental dentists

Well done!
Enrollee survey results show that satisfaction with Delta Dental dentists is high.

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Provider Tools quick-start guide

Get started today
Log in and use these free tools and services to help make administration a breeze.

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Enroll as a Medicare provider now

Learn more — Opt in
Take action now so that your status is effective before the CMS enforcement date.

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Directory accuracy requirements

Review, correct and attest online

Make sure your directory listing is accurate.

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