Enroll as a Medicare provider: There are more than 1 million Delta Dental enrollees nationwide in Medicare Advantage plans. Opt in to be listed in our Medicare Advantage network, ensure payment as an in-network dentist and get your patients’ prescriptions covered. Learn more.

Verify your TIN: Make sure we’re reporting your Delta Dental earnings to the IRS using your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN). Check the last four digits of the TIN on page 1 of the “Your claim payment” document you receive from us. If they don’t match exactly with your TIN on file with the IRS for your name/business name, notify us right away. Use the TIN Enrollment Form under Administrative Forms on our website. Learn more.

Use CDT 2017: Use the new codes on claims for treatment provided on and after January 1, 2017. Review the summary.

Respond promptly to a re-credentialing letter: Re-credentialing is required by state and federal regulations and Delta Dental, and occurs once every three years. Avoid contract termination for non-compliance – respond by the due date indicated in the letter. Learn more.

Report Medicare fraud, waste and abuse: Our new Medicare hotline number is 800-511-0831. You may remain anonymous. Learn more about how we work to prevent fraud.