Verify your TIN: Double-check that we’re using the correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) to report your Delta Dental earnings to the IRS. Check the last four digits of the TIN on page 1 of the claim payment document you receive from us. If they don’t match exactly with your TIN on file with the IRS for your name/business name, notify us right away. Use the TIN Enrollment Form under Administrative Forms on our website. Check out more TIN tips, too.

Use CDT 2018: Use the new codes on claims for treatment provided on and after January 1, 2018. Review the summary of new codes and other changes.

Report fraud: We work diligently to uncover fraudulent behaviors and prevent fraud from driving up the cost of our plans. If you suspect fraud has occurred, please contact us. You may remain anonymous.

  • Fraud hotline: 800-526-1852
  • Online fraud report form
  • Medicare fraud, waste and abuse hotline: 800-511-0831

Learn ways to protect your practice from fraud. 

Respond promptly to a re-credentialing letter: Re-credentialing is required by state and federal regulations and Delta Dental, and occurs once every three years. When you receive a re-credentialing letter from us, please be sure to reply by the due date indicated in the letter. If we don’t hear from you, we’re required to take action, which may include contract termination. Learn more about re-credentialing.