The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a financial toll on dental practices around the country. To help you provide essential care to your patients, Delta Dental is offering network dentists like you these options for financial assistance.

Discounts on teledentistry services

As a Delta Dental dentist, you can take advantage of free trials and discounts for six HIPAA-compliant teledentistry services, available through Dec. 31. If you’re new to teledentistry or looking for new software solutions, these offers make it easy to get started.

Reimbursement for increased infection control costs

We are offering a $10 supplemental reimbursement for qualifying evaluation or consultation codes through the end of the year. The program applies to dentists in the DeltaCare® USA, Delta Dental PPO™ (DPO in Texas), Delta Dental Premier®, Delta Dental Federal (Legion) and Medicare Advantage networks. (It does not cover Medi-Cal Dental, CDPHP NY Medicaid and HSCSN Washington, DC Medicaid networks.)

COVID-19 relief loan program

Partnering with Lendeavor, Delta Dental has offered over $300 million in loan programs to provide economic relief for qualifying independent network dentists. The loan program is active through the end of the year and covers cash flow relief as well as interest savings. It also includes loans that you can use to acquire, refinance, expand or equip a practice, as well as to acquire or refinance commercial real estate for a practice.

Charitable funding for nonprofit dental clinics

The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation has provided nearly $15 million in funding this year to help nonprofits respond to the pandemic. These unrestricted grant funds have supported vital services, including dozens of dental and medical clinics serving low-income communities across our 15-state service area and the District of Columbia.