Need to make an adjustment to a claim? You can now submit a claim adjustment online in Provider Tools.

How to submit claims online

It’s easy: Just log in to your Provider Tools account. New to Provider Tools? Register for an account.

Once you’re logged in, click on My Claims, locate the processed claim you want to adjust and click on the claim ID. One the next page, scroll down to Claim Adjustment, click Submit a request and select the reason for the adjustment.

Next, make the adjustments, including any attachments or additional explanations. If there are multiple lines that need adjustment, add the details in the explanation box.

Click Continue to review your changes. You must agree to the terms before you can submit your request.

After submission, you’ll receive a confirmation and tracking number. Claims adjustments can take up to 30 days to process. No further action is needed from you.

Which claims are eligible?

Claim adjustment is eligible for all claims submitted to us within the last 90 days. It doesn’t matter whether your original claim was submitted through Provider Tools, a third-party claim clearinghouse or by mail.