Did you know that you can update your directory listing within Provider Tools? Your patients (and potential patients) will be glad that you did. Millions of Delta Dental members depend on the online directory to find dentists with office hours that work with theirs or employees that speak the same language.

When you ensure that you’re advertising the most up to date information, you’re setting yourself and your practice up for success.

To view or update your current directory listing:

  1. Log in to Provider Tools and select My account.
  2. Click on Directory profile.
  3. Go to Actions and click Open.
  4. Update information, as needed.
  5. Save as draft if you’re not yet ready to publish your updates or select Publish if you’re ready to go live.

Anytime your business information changes, be sure to update your listing. We recommend setting up a yearly reminder to check in on your listing’s accuracy.