As a dentist, you already know that language should never be a barrier to receiving proper care. One in seven people in the U.S. speaks Spanish at home, yet Hispanic adults with limited proficiency in English receive about one-third less health care than those proficient in English.

In taking steps to bridge this gap, Delta Dental offers a variety of language assistance options for both you and your Spanish-speaking patients.

Resources for the dental office

Resources for your patients

  • Our website, and all its offerings, can be found in Spanish. This includes plan information, wellness articles and even Grin! magazine and is a perfect introduction to Delta Dental for new patients.
  • Customer Service is available in Spanish when patients have questions about their insurance that you’re unable to answer. To talk to a representative, members can call 866-530-9675 and dial 8 when prompted. Answers to our most frequently asked questions are also available on our website.

Learn more about Delta Dental’s language assistance resources for dentists and how they can benefit your patients.