As the year comes to a close, there are some things you’ll want to take care of before a well-deserved holiday break. Make sure you’ve taken action on the following items to set yourself up for success in the new year!

1. Get ready for 2022 CDT codes

Be sure to use the new codes on claims for treatment provided after January 1, 2022. A summary of the changes introduced by CDT 2022 will be available in the Reference Library in Provider Tools in mid-December. Copies of CDT 2022 may be purchased at For more info, check out this summary of changes and claims processing policies.

2. Complete your fraud, waste and abuse training by December 31

If you’re a Medicare Advantage dentist, you’re required to complete annual General Compliance and Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) certification. A big part of this is completing FWA training, but you also need to have a written ethics guide and code of business conduct for your practice. Fortunately, the steps needed to take care of this requirement are available online.

3. Take care of re-credentialing

Based on the standards of national, federal and state accrediting and regulatory agencies, we’re obligated to confirm at least once every three years that dentists in our networks are professionally qualified. If you’ve received a letter from us about re-credentialing recently, that means your re-credentialing may be due in as little as three months from the postmarked date. Make sure to complete and return your re-credentialing form and to let us know right away if the letter you received is for a dentist who’s no longer at your practice location. We’re obligated to terminate your contract if your credential expires, so don’t wait!

4. Encourage your patients to use their benefits before the end of the year

Many studies and surveys have found that most people don’t understand how insurance works. Because of this, your patients may not realize that their annual maximum has not been met and more care can be covered by their insurance. It can be helpful for your patients if you contact them while there’s still time for them to make the most of their benefits. All Delta Dental plans cover diagnostic and preventive services at low cost or no cost, so remind your patients to get their cleanings and exams before their plans reset with the new calendar year. For patients who have hit their annual maximum but still need non-urgent care, encourage them to make appointments for early in the new year.

5. Verify your taxpayer identification number (TIN)

Do we have your correct TIN in our files? Make sure that we do in order to ensure that your Delta Dental earnings are properly reported to the IRS. You can check the last four digits of your TIN on page 1 of the claim payment documents you receive from us. If those digits don’t match exactly with your TIN on file with the IRS for your name/business, notify us right away with the TIN enrollment form on our website.

6. Report any suspicions of fraud

We work diligently with all of our partners to uncover and prevent fraud. If you suspect fraud has occurred, please contact us. You can reach us through:

  • Our fraud hotline: 800-526-1852
  • Our fraud report form
  • Medicare’s fraud, waste and abuse hotline (if Medicare fraud is suspected): 800-511-0831

Have a great rest of 2021!