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Upcoming webinars on Provider Tools and Return to Care

Even if your office has been reopened for a while, it can be a challenge to get back into the swing of things. Check out our webinar schedule and find the perfect time to learn about best practices for a reopened office and making the most of Provider Tools.

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Learn how to manage patients’ info with a new Provider Tools video

The first instructional video in a new series shows how you can make managing your business simpler, faster and more cost effective with Delta Dental’s Provider Tools.

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Use Provider Tools to submit claims, get answers to your questions

Using Provider Tools is the quickest, easiest way to get your claims processed, checks paid and questions answered. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Delta Dental’s processing of paper claims and paper checks.

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Simplify to make a huge impact

Enjoy the advantages of direct deposit
Choose direct deposit for the safe, secure way to reduce clutter and streamline your practice. And, it’s nice to know that you’re helping the environment in a big way, too.

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Intel patients have risk-based benefit

A personalized style of care
This year, Intel Corporation adopted a risk-based approach to dental care for its Delta Dental PPO plan (group #05178) enrollees. Calendar-year benefits include one exam for adults at low risk for oral health problems and two exams for high-risk adults and children to age 14.

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Patient ID cards not needed

“National Search” has you covered
Your new patient check-in process is easier with National Search — the Provider Tool that finds patient eligibility and benefits for you from among all 39 Delta Dental member companies.

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Learn it live!

See Provider Tools in action
Sign up for a free, live webinar all about Provider Tools — a good refresher for current staff and a great training opportunity for new staff. Ask questions, get answers and start enjoying all the advantages of Provider Tools.

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“Perks at Work” delivers

Added value for network dentists
To express our appreciation for your continued support, we are happy to deliver Perks at Work — discounts and special offers to help reduce your overhead expenses. Start saving 15% to 60% on services and products today.

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Go nationwide with “National Search”

Connect with the right Delta Dental company
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Log in, select National Search and enter the patient’s information. You’ll get eligibility and benefits for patients with coverage from any of the 39 Delta Dental member companies.

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Saving trees, changing history

Let’s make “paper-based” business a thing of the past
We’re saving trees, conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint with eco-friendly business practices. Read about our efficiency and sustainability efforts and how decreasing paper use can make a big difference.

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