Don’t wait on hold for eligibility and benefits information – you’ve got more choices to help you move quickly through your day.

Click Provider Tools: Log in and choose a tool (have the patient’s ID number, name and birth date handy):

  • Eligibility & Benefits: You get eligibility information and a benefits summary that includes remaining maximum and deductible amounts. Click “Benefit Details” for more specific information.
  • My Patients: Get all of the above, plus links to processed claim information and real-time claim/pre-treatment estimate submission.
  • Submit Claim: Send a free, real-time pre-treatment estimate and get the results quickly, often while the patient is still in the office. Though not a guarantee of payment, pre-treatment estimates are helpful when planning treatment and making financial arrangements. (Submit claims for payment here, too.)

Call our automated telephone service: Have your taxpayer identification number handy (the one you used to contract with us, which we have on file for you) and the subscriber’s ID and birth date, and the patient’s birth date. Then, call us:

  • The automated system is available during business and extended hours, including weekends.
  • As soon as you know your choice, say or enter the corresponding number (no need to wait to hear all the choices).
  • Choose “Fast Fax” for eligibility and benefits summaries. There is no limit to the number of faxes you can request with one phone call.

If you must speak to an agent, the best times to call are before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m., Eastern time.