We’re staying involved with what’s happening Washington, D.C. concerning health care. We’re studying legislation and regulations, working with national associations, meeting with government representatives and others to help keep dental coverage a part of health care exchanges – and win favorable outcomes for its future.

Our position is to preserve gains in coverage achieved in exchanges, even if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced with something else. The following are some of the principles we support to help keep insured patients coming to you:


  • Let states keep what’s working for them
  • Should current subsidies get replaced with new tax credits, allow people to use them to buy dental coverage
  • Pare back burdensome regulations to help make coverage less expensive to offer and buy


  • Cause exchanges to fail; two million Americans now have dental coverage for the first time thanks to standalone policies
  • Tax dental benefits; any additional cost can lead purchasers to forego dental coverage
  • Reduce Medicaid funding without considering the impacts on current levels of access to dental care