Running a dental practice means complying with a host of state and federal laws and regulations. As part of our contractual and regulatory requirements (both state and federal), we are obligated to make sure our dentists are either credentialed or re-credentialed at least once every three years.

We will send you a letter and form when your re-credentialing date is near. When you receive your re-credentialing letter and form from us, please:

  • Take note of the due date indicated in the letter.
  • Complete and return the re-credentialing form (including any required document copies) no later than the due date.
  • Let us know right away if you received a letter for a dentist who is no longer at your practice location. The best way to reach us is with the email address or fax number included in the letter.

We are obligated to terminate your contract as a network dentist if your credential expires. You will still be able to apply to re-join under the terms of the current dentist agreement, as long as you meet the credentialing criteria.