Did you know that every day 10,000 Americans turn 65? That means they become eligible for insurance coverage through Medicare and can purchase supplemental Medicare Advantage dental plans through approved vendors like Delta Dental.

Why should you join Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage networks?

Joining the Medicare Advantage network can be a great choice for your practice. Nearly 20% of the United States’ population will be 65 or older by 2030, according to Census projections. That will mean about 65 million eligible Medicare Advantage patients.

Our Medicare Advantage network provides you with a great way to keep your retirement-aged patients and continue to provide them with quality dental care. And, since you’ll appear in our online Medicare Advantage directory, you can attract new patients as well.

Most Medicare Advantage groups offer a closed-panel benefit package. This means patients covered under these plans must see a dentist contracted in the Medicare Advantage network, giving you access to an exclusive pool of patients.

What if you’re not enrolled?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently clarified that rules that prohibit payment to providers who have opted out of participation in Medicare don’t apply to supplemental benefits like dental. This policy became effective January 1, 2022. That means that if you’ve opted out of Medicare through CMS, you can still join the Delta Dental Medicare network and provide services to our Medicare Advantage members.

How to join Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage networks

If you’re interested in joining, all you need to do is send us an email.  Email ProviderConcierge@delta.org for the DHMO Medicare Advantage network and medadv@delta.org for the PPO Medicare Advantage network. We’ll email you an application.