Do you want to supercharge your office procedures and expand your patient base? Attend our weekly April webinar series to learn more about Provider Tools and the Community Care Network.

Provider Tools webinars

You can learn how to submit claims online, enroll in direct deposit and verify coverage during our Provider Tools webinars.

Here’s the schedule for April’s Provider Tools webinars:

If you have a question that’s not answered in our webinar, you can schedule a video call with us. And we’re happy to address any specific topics in the webinars. Just send us an email at

Community Care Network webinars

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Community Care Network (CCN) is the new health care network for veterans. This network can increase your patient base while giving much-needed dental care to our veterans.

You can learn more about this network by attending one of our webinars:

Please note that the regular time for the CCN webinars has changed.