In light of the American Dental Association’s recommendation to postpone elective care, please use teledentistry to assess patients for non-emergency consultations and emergency diagnoses.

Delta Dental will accept claims for teledentistry services. Please submit the claim for your patient interaction using the appropriate evaluation procedure code, such as D0140, D0170 or D0171. On a separate line, also submit teledentistry code D9995 for real-time interactions (synchronous) and D9996 for text, photo or other non-live interactions (asynchronous) D0170, D0171.

Fees for teledentistry (D9995 and D9996) are considered inclusive in overall patient management and are not billable to the patient. Standard dental policy will apply to the evaluation codes.

For more details, please visit our COVID-19 resources for dentists. Once again, thank you for the work you do and as you guard our collective health.