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Fall 2021 convention and conference schedule update

In an update to information reported earlier, Delta Dental won’t be attending September’s American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) conference in Orlando, FL. Below, find a revised list of the conferences and conventions we’ll attend this year.

October 10–13Las Vegas, NVAmerican Dental Association Annual Meeting
November 28 – December 1New York, NYGreater New York Dental Meeting
Table with conference/convention dates from September through December 2021

If you plan to attend either of these conferences, please visit our booth. It’s a great chance to network and pick up the useful material we’ve created to help you and your practice shine. And we’d love to chat with you, hear how we’re doing and answer any questions you might have.

Fall 2021 convention and conference schedule

This fall, Delta Dental will be attending conferences and conventions from coast to coast. Swing by our booths to say hi! You can get answers to your questions, enjoy networking opportunities and get informative material created especially for you and your practice.

September 9–11Orlando, FLAmerican Association of Dental Office Management Conference
October 10–13Las Vegas, NVAmerican Dental Association Annual Meeting
November 28 – December 1New York, NYGreater New York Dental Meeting
Table with conference/convention dates from September through December 2021

To stay up to date on the conferences and conventions we’ll be attending, don’t forget to bookmark our “Training and events” page.

Dentist spotlight: Dr. Marc A. Cirelli

Meet Dr. Marc A. Cirelli, DMD, our Dental Health Partner of the Month. Dr. Cirelli is a Reno, Nevada-based dentist whose passion for carpentry and home improvement seamlessly blend with a compassionate approach to helping veterans with dental care, free of charge.

Why did you become a dentist?

I majored in biochemistry, Spanish and history while in college. I found that I really liked dealing with people more than laboratory work. I was also fortunate that my parents owned rental properties. I quickly learned how to become proficient in all of the trades with respect to home improvement. I especially liked framing and other areas of carpentry work. It turns out dentistry is a lot like being a carpenter, but there is still an artistic approach to it.

How long have you been practicing dentistry?

I’ve been practicing dentistry since 2007, graduating from Oregon Health and Science University. When I returned to my home state of Nevada, I worked for three years in a public dental clinic, followed by two years as an associate in private practice. I then purchased my dental practice in December 2012.

What are some of the challenges facing dentistry?

Getting people to recognize the importance of oral health and how it affects other systems of the body is one of the greatest challenges facing dentistry today. I like to use the analogy of a person with severe acne. You see the effects it does to your skin, and you want to clear it up, so you go to a dermatologist. With an oral cavity, people aren’t aware of what happens in the mouth, so they don’t see a dentist until they have a toothache.

We take intraoral photos in an effort to educate patients about the importance of regular dental care. This has been a great motivator for better hygiene and preventive treatment.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, target shooting, martial arts and, of course, home improvement projects.

Tell us one of your funniest stories from the dental office.

As every dentist knows, esthetic cases can be the most challenging. You not only have to meet the patient’s desires but those of their significant other.

In one such case, the patient was in the office for a complete maxillary denture. Esthetics were great: The patient liked the shape, size, form and, most importantly, function of the denture. He’d even provided us with a picture from before he lost his teeth.

We ended up meeting the demands of the patient, but his wife had us redo the denture to meet her demands. She wanted him restored into her ideal husband! I still remember going through the wax try-in and he gave me a look that said, “I like the first, but I need to satisfy her, so go with the second!”

What is most rewarding about your career?

Seeing the results of your work and how it changes a person. Our office works with a program called Adopt a Vet. Since most veterans are not eligible for treatment through the VA, we see veterans on a volunteer basis and do all of their treatment at no charge. They come to the office in pain, and some can’t even chew. We get them out of pain and restore their dentition, often completing dentures so that they can smile and enjoy a good meal again. To me, that’s what dentistry is about.

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate Dr. Cirelli and thank him for the work he does for his community.

To find out more about Dr. Cirelli, visit or check out his Facebook page. You can also learn more about the Nevada Adopt a Vet program.

DeltaCare USA individual plan launched in Nevada

Did you know that dental benefits have a positive effect on patient health? For example, insured patients are 50% more likely to visit the dentist each year than the uninsured.1

Increasing access to dental care is at the core of what we do. That’s why we offer several Delta Dental plan choices for individuals — a DeltaCare® USA plan, now available in eight states and the District of Columbia,2 and two Delta Dental PPO plans.3

These plans help your patients replace plans lost to retirement or job changes. And, it’s easy to enroll online for a basic plan, or one with more inclusive benefits.

Download and save the individual and family plans overview to share with your patients.

Join us! If you’re not in the PPO and/or DeltaCare USA networks, consider joining. You’ll get the maximum in-network benefit payment directly from us, gain more insured patients through our online dentist directory and retain patients who may choose to purchase a closed network plan. Visit our website for more information.

1According to the Delta Dental Oral Health and Well-Being Survey [2014] by Delta Dental Plans Association.

2The closed network, prepaid DeltaCare USA plan is available in CA, DC, FL, MD, NV, NY, PA, TX and UT.

3The open network, fee-for-service PPO plans are available in AL, CA, DC, DE, FL, GA, LA, MD, MS, MT, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT and WV.

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